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Welcome to the website of C. J. Pyrah, where you can find information about his books, writing and the worlds that he has created to house his fantasy tales. 

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The Dead God Series: Complete Collection


All three books in C.J. Pyrah's 'The Dead God Series' of epic fantasy novels, now in one volume!



In Ulskandar, a world where kingdoms and tribes of various races are constantly at war, Torben leads a mundane and sheltered existence until a fateful encounter plunges him into a dangerous world he never knew existed. As relics and powers from the past begin to resurface, the kingdoms and tribes are pushed to the brink of destruction, and Torben must decide whether to rise to the occasion and become the hero the realm needs, or risk falling like so many others before him.



With his plan in ruins, Torben must fight for survival while an ancient threat looms over the world of Ulskandar. The kingdom is once again in danger from a resurgent evil, and Torben must team up with old and new friends to stop the mage Aristotles, or risk the land being enslaved by a malignant deity. As a fight centuries in the making unfolds, Torben must find the strength to join the battle, or risk falling prey to the Dead God.



In the third book of C.J. Pyrah's 'The Dead God Series', Torben and his friends struggle to recover from the devastating Battle of Cookridge as they try to stop the mage Aristotles and the ancient evil he serves. With time running out, they must do whatever it takes to prevent the evil from gaining too much power and consuming the kingdom. However, their efforts may be too little, too late. This thrilling epic fantasy adventure will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Available now in Paperback and E-Book formats.

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