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C.J.Pyrah's current campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy TTRPG games.

Kelbonnar is a world in peril. For hundreds of years, the The Divine War, a near cataclysmic conflict waged between Kelbonnar’s deities has thrown life into disarray, turned its once peaceful places into war-zones and resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocents caught in the crossfire of the Divines. Not confined to the Celestial Plane of Kelbonnar, the fighting has spread to the Material Plane with devastating results. Huge tracts of land have been decimated beyond all use and turned into barren wastelands by the fury the gods and goddesses have thrown at one another, heedless of the destruction that they are bringing down on their own creation.


For the mortal races of Kelbonnar, recent centuries have been hard. The one grand kingdoms and glorious empires of Kelbonnar’s Material Plane have dissolved into a disparate spread of city states, lordly fiefdoms, petty princedoms and merchant burghs, who act almost exclusively for their own interests. The only exception to this rule is the The Empire of Turelion, now much reduced in size and riddled with dissent and corruption, whose Emperors have only just managed to retain a semblance of order within their borders, thanks to the patronage of the god of war Astartes, one of the major players in the Divine War.


Whilst the Divine War slowly pulls apart any sense of order in Kelbonnar, in the vast tracts of wilderness between the villages, towns and cities of the Material Plane, monstrous creatures that were for decades held at bay by the hunters of lost and forgotten kingdoms grow stronger in number and begin to stalk nearer and nearer settlements in search of prey; in the Celestial Plane deceitful and cunning entities pit the warring factions against one another, carving out their own personal stakes in the power struggle; and observing all, insidious eyes from other, darker and more horrible planes of existence watch and wait for a time when they can strike out and claim Kelbonnar for their own.

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The Secrets of Harthill

C.J.Pyrah's setting for Call of Cthulhu games.

Nestled on the south coast of Wales between Cardiff and Swansea, Harthill could easily be mistaken by an outside observer for a sleepy university town where nothing more exciting than the annual town fête and the odd book launch takes place. However, scratch just beneath the surface, and one will discover all manner of mysterious and dangerous happenings going on all around; from bouts of localised mania; reported appearances of mysterious, near indescribable creatures; the much emergence of unusual, occasionally dangerous cults and sects; and, the larger than average number of disappearances, with unusual circumstances surrounding them. 


Exactly why Harthill is so afflicted is unknown, but over the centuries numerous theories have emerged to explain it, from the academic study of the occult, resulting in blasphemous teachings, being to blame, to the town’s situation over a convergence of ley lines, to the town having been cursed by vengeful fey spirits, all of which seem outlandish to the rational mind. But for those that are aware of them, the facts that emerge from the bizarre episodes that take place in Harthill cannot be so easily rationalised away. 


Whilst for the most part, the authorities in Harthill have managed to keep the strange happenings that take place there hushed up, it is often joked amongst the townsfolk and those living in nearby communities that, after a visit to Harthill, no one is ever the same again….

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C.J.Pyrah's alternative setting for high fantasy TTRPGs and the setting for the Dead God series of novels.

Like many of the worlds in the Material Plane, Ulskandar is home to a myriad of races, mortal, fey and foul, all trying to eke out as best of an existence that they can, and survive the machinations of the kingdoms, tribes and nations that claim rule over them. 


The inhabitants of Ulskandar not only have to keep on the right side of the corporal powers that vie for power and resources, but also the near numberless deities, major and minor, that seek to win the souls of any that walk on the world. From the lowliest of peasants, to the mightiest of sorcerers, life in Ulskandar can be tough and challenging. Beyond the safety of the towns and cities, innumerable beasts and monstrous creatures continue to live their primordial existences, and seek their next meal….

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