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The Dead God Series, Book 1



Young Torben has resigned to a mundane, sheltered existence, until a chance encounter catapults him into a world more dangerous than he ever imagined.

In the world of Ulskandar, where Humans, Dwarves and all manner of races co-exist, all must fight and die together in the wars between rival kingdoms and feral tribes. But when relics and powers from the past threaten to emerge, the fragile kingdoms are pushed to the brink of destruction.

Can Torben rise to the occasion and become the hero the realm needs - or will he fall like so many others before him?

The Dead God Series, Book 2



Betrayed and left to die in the bowels of Karpella Castle, Torben’s plan lies in tatters. He's lost his fortune and an ancient threat has been unleashed on the world of Ulskandar, leaving him to fight for his life.

A resurgent evil once again threatens the Kingdom of Dazscor & Aramore. Torben must join friends old and new to thwart the mage Aristotles, or risk the land falling under the shadow of a malign deity that wishes to enslave all to its will.


Will Torben have the strength to join a fight hundreds of years in the making - or will he fall prey to the Dead God?

The Dead God Series, Book 3



Still reeling after the cataclysmic events of the Battle of Cookridge, Torben and his friends fight to find a way to stop the mage Aristotles and the ancient evil he serves.

The clock is ticking and they must do whatever it takes, whatever the cost, before the evil taking hold in Dazscor & Aramore is too powerful to be stopped. But are they already too late?

A riveting adventure, Emissary is the third book in C.J. Pyrah's 'The Dead God Series' of epic fantasy novels.

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The Dead God Series Collection: The Complete Series


All three books in C.J. Pyrah's 'The Dead God Series' of epic fantasy novels, now in one volume!

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