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The World of Ulskandar

Ulskandar, the setting for the Dead God Series, is home to a myriad of races, mortal, fey and foul, all trying to eke out as best of an existence that they can, and survive the machinations of the kingdoms, tribes and nations that claim rule over them.  


The inhabitants of Ulskandar not only have to keep on the right side of the corporal powers that vie for power and resources, but also the near numberless deities, major and minor, that seek to win the souls of any that walk on the world. From the lowliest of peasants, to the mightiest of sorcerers, life in Ulskandar can be tough and challenging. Beyond the safety of the towns and cities, innumerable beasts and monstrous creatures continue to live their primordial existences, and seek their next meal…. 

Explore Ulskandar using the links below:

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